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A Crested Butte Essential: Patagonia Men’s & Women’s Nano Air Jacket
August 19, 2014

The weather in Crested Butte, Colorado is known to vary throughout the day, with early morning and evenings offering cooler temperatures and the afternoons warming up with lots of sunshine. No matter the weather, you should always be prepared for cooler temperatures when you embark upon your outdoor adventures. The new Patagonia Men’s and Women’s Nano Air Jacket offers a great solution to your outerwear needs.

This great piece will become a daily driver for life in the Crested Butte area. This stretchy, super lightweight, and breathable jacket features FullRange™ Insulation and is water resistant, as it’s made with a DWR (durable water repellent) fabric finish, which repels light rain and snow and dries faster than other fabrics. The flexible nature of this jacket makes it perfect for layering for additional versatility. This piece is compressible into its own pocket, so it can be stashed in a pack or just about anywhere.

Stop by Dragonfly Anglers to view our variety of colors, sizes, and options. Don’t live in Crested Butte? Call (800) 491-3079 or email today for more information!


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The Tilley Hat, the Last Brimmed Hat You'll Ever Buy
August 6, 2014

Are you looking for a new hat for your outdoor adventures? If you haven’t tried The Tilley Hat, yet, you won’t be disappointed. This UPF 50+ (the maximum rating) hat offers excellent sun protection and is rain repellent, floats, and has a handy tie option for windy days. The hat is also certified to block 98% of harmful UVA/UVB radiation. This versatile fabric is composed of a blend of recycled yarns (29% hemp; 28% organic cotton; 36% polyester; 7% rayon). Even better, the hat is insured against “all perils” for two years! This hat is also easy to care for, just machine wash on delicate or hand wash, reshape, and air dry. Originally designed for sailors, this hat is perfect for fishing, hiking, or any outdoor adventure where comfort, sun protection, and durability are needed. This could be the last brimmed hat you'll ever buy! 

The measurements of the hat are as follows: 
  • Brim size: Front and back 3 ¼”; Sides 2 ¼”
  • Weighs 3.9 ounces / 111 grams
The price of the hat is $79.00. Come try on this hat to see why the guys at Dragonfly Anglers love this product! Visit our shop at 307 Elk Avenue, Crested Butte, CO 81224 or call 800-491-3079 for more details. 
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Patagonia Vented Longbilled Cap Blog
August 6, 2014

This lightweight, fast-drying nylon cap is designed for fishermen of all kinds! Vented with mesh sides for extra breathability and built with ample shade, the Patagonia Vented Longbilled Cap guarantees your head will stay cool and dry! These caps are also crafted with a dark underside to reduce glare when you’re on the water. Whether you’re casting into a howling wind, hiking at altitude in a stiff breeze, or just breezing around town, this versatile hat is the perfect cap for making any hot-weathered activity occasion a little cooler.
This cap is 4.2-oz and made of 100% Supplex® nylon with a DWR (durable water repellent) finish. The cap is 50+ UPF sun protection. Best of all, what makes this cap ideal for male or female is the adjustable, elasticized strap, designed for the perfect fit! Get your Patagonia Vented Longbilled Cap for $25 from Dragonfly Anglers, your Crested Butte Patagonia specialists, by shopping online or calling us today!
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Patagonia Nano Puff: Essential for Crested Butte Summertime Adventures
July 6, 2014

In Crested Butte, Colorado, the weather can change drastically throughout the day. When you're fishing on the nearby waters, you'll want to bring a warmer layer for early-morning fishing that can be quite chilly, then discard the jacket for mid-afternoon weather that heats up to 70-80 degrees. Layer back up for cooler temperatures and occasional rain showers for late afternoon/early evening adventures. Having intimate knowledge of our local weather patterns, we here at Dragonfly Anglers make sure to stock up on our fall Patagonia products by the first of July, ensuring that visitors have ample selection for cool-weather gear, which is typically forgotten at this time of year.

A great product women will find essential is the Patagonia Nano Puff® Jacket ($199.00) or Pullover option ($169.00). This lightweight jacket is windproof and water-resistant and composed of the PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation, making it perfect for summertime chilly mornings and evenings. This piece is also compressable into its own pocket, so you can always have it with you. Stop by Dragonfly Anglers to view our variety of colors, sizes, and options for pullovers or full zip styles. 
Posted by Angela Diaz
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Dragonfly Anglers Product Review: Patagonia Stormfront Line
February 25, 2014

Dragonfly Anglers is excited to be carrying Patagonia's new Stormfront line beginning this March. The Stormfront line integrates the simplicity and effectiveness of a 100 percent waterproof pack into a line of bags, packs, and vests. Whether you are going out for a few hours on the water or packing a bag for a two-week excursion to Mexico, the Stormfront bags will provide you all the features you need and nothing you do not. 

Check out these videos to see all that the Stormfront line has to offer and stop by Dragonfly Anglers at 307 Elk Ave or call the shop staff at 970-349-1228 for any questions or to order your own. We're now taking pre-orders!

Strormfront Roll Top Pack

Stormfront Roll Top Bag

Stormfront Sling

Posted by Zach Kinler
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Dragonfly Anglers Product Review: The Patagonia R1
February 5, 2014

The R1 was most definitely designed with the active person in mind and has all the features that such a person requires. Its sleek design and athletic fit make this a great jacket with other layers, or on its own as an outer shell. Kept close to skin, the unique grid pattern on the inside pulls moisture from your body and leaves you warm and dry. This makes it great for skiing, whether you are hiking in the backcountry, riding the resort, or touring on the skinny skis. The R1 is also a great choice for winter fishing when you need to pack on as many layers as you can fit. You can also grab it on your way out the door to Kochevars for a “Nowak” or two after a big day outdoors. Lightweight, versatile, and great for everyday life in Crested Butte, Colorado, the R1 will not disappoint.

Dragonfly Anglers carries the R1 in several colors and sizes or we can special order one from our Patagonia dealer inventory. Shop our online store, stop by our shop in Crested Butte, or call us at 970.349.1228 for your custom order. 

*All products are tested and used by Dragonfly Anglers Pro Staff and Guides

Posted by Zach Kinler
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Patagonia Aluminum Bar Wading Boot Review
May 31, 2012

In developing the Aluminum Bar boot Patagonia has created the new standard in wading boots. They grip as good, if not better than felt, are easy to clean, and after several months of medium to hard use show minimal wear. They work great on snow, mud and grass. Whether the rocks are smooth or jagged, these boots just stick.
A case in point: Last weekend we fished the Metolius River near Sisters, Oregon. It was running high – a little over 2000 cfs on the gauge near Grandview, OR – and even during low flows, the section we fish is big, pushy and fast, with great holes on both sides of the river. Opting not to cross in-stream means a three-plus mile hike up to the nearest bridge, and time hiking is not time fishing.
For Chris and me, crossing the Met is normally not a big deal, we are both strong waders and haven't ever had a problem (well I haven't ever had a problem, Chris has dunked at least once), but this weekend we had a newbie with us and she is only 5'2". Crossing at our regular spot, the river regularly hits us at the bottom of the rib cage translating to near top of the waders on our newbie. Not a great option. Luckily Chris had on his new Aluminum Bar boots.
We sent Chris into the river and let him wander around a bit. In the 10 minutes of searching for the ideal location, he traversed the width of the river twice, working his way 50 yards upstream, then 50 yards downstream. He waded through raging mid-thigh deep water and fast belly button-deep water and never once did he even look like he might slip. I swear a group of hikers stopped just to watch him wade. It was impressive. Thanks to his "research" we crossed with no problems even with the high water.
The following week he convinced me to try to cross at a location that was fast and at least waist deep. I, being the strong wader that I am, didn't even hesitate to try. But halfway across he was forging easily and I was tip-toeing down the river to avoid tipping my waders. I eventually crossed successfully, but 25-yards downstream from where he had seemingly strolled across.
On their own, and as an alternative to felt, these boots impress! Check them out here.
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Simms Pursuit Wet Wading Shoe
June 10, 2011

Summer time is right around the corner. It should really be here by now, but since it isn't you still have time to head into Dragonfly and pick up a pair of Simms Pursuit Wading Shoes. If, like me, you love to wet wade in the summer time and don't feel like trucking around in your heavy, marginally comfortable wading boots then the Pursuit Wading Shoe is for you. With Vibram soles the Pursuit is just as effective in the river as out on the boat or hiking the trail. Check out this video of George Cook breaking it down.
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Waterworks-Lamson Litespeed Reels
June 6, 2011

I have been fishing with a Lamson Litespeed for 4 or 5 years now and it is easily my favorite reel to fish with. I use the Litespeed 2 on my 6 weight Scott E2 and the combo is incredible. The Litespeed is super light and balances very well with the light E2. The large arbor design picks up line incredibly fast letting you get to the reel quicker and giving you a better chance at landing those bigger fish.

The thing that I like the most about the Litespeed, besides the awesome design and hard alox finish is the sealed drag. All Lamson Reels come with the same sealed drag and it is sweet. One of their coolest sales tools is a fish bowl filled with sand: pop any Lamson reel in the fish bowl, bury it, get it as sandy as you can, then take it back out and dang if that reel isn't as smooth as ever! The downside of the sealed drag is that during those rare times when you have to take your reel apart it can be tough, especially with cold fingers. Lamson made a video explaining how to take the reel apart and change the direction of the retrieve  - check it out.

Through all my experiences the drag has been incredibly smooth and plenty strong and athough I haven't had the pleasure of testing the strength of the drag against a bonefish or some other reel screeching fish I have landed plenty of large trout, a couple of decent stiped bass, a steelhead or two and even a big chinook. If you haven't checked out the Lamson Litespeed Fly Reel I definitely suggest that you give it a look. It is a stylish reel with a durable finish and a great drag, it is the total package. If you are interested in the Litespeed or any other Lamson product give us a call at (800) 491-3079 or shoot us an email at

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Ross Reels F1
June 1, 2011

Ross Reels has added a new reel to their already impressive line up. This year they have added the F1. The F1 is their new top of the line reel, and it comes in sizes 1 through 4 and will match well with 2 weight to 9 weight rods. The drag is made from carbon fiber and stainless steel and will perform in all conditions. The reels are fully machined, one piece for the frame and one piece for the spool and they look awesome. I mean really awesome, to the stylish machining they added a carbon fiber button that is used to remove the spool, and the carbon fiber weave adds that little bit of bling that makes it look extra sweet.

Check out this video of Brad Befus breaking down the F1.
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New 2011 Patagonia Rock Grip Wading boot
February 17, 2011

Check out this video showing the new lightweight sticky rubber wading boot from Patagonia! Do it yourself studs if you want.

Thanks from our friends at The Caddis Fly in Eugene, Oregon.
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New 2011 Patagonia Wader Line Up
February 17, 2011

Check out the amazing new waders that Patagonia has put together for 2011.

Thanks to our friends at The Caddis Fly in Eugene, Oregon.
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Everyone Should Get a Brodin Ghost Net
June 23, 2010

Brodin Ghost nets have been out on the market for a bit but I feel as though it is time to explain why they are so great to have. The Brodin Ghost net as you can see in the picture above has a clear rubber mesh netting that looks really cool. However, looks aren't everything. The clear rubber mesh is is the best possible piece of fishing equipment for the fish you catch. Have you ever tried to net fish with a black net? It isn't easy! As soon as the fish sees black in the water they swim as fast as they can. Once you get them into the black net they never stop trying to escape, they tangle themselves up in you line while also catching your flies on the net. You then spend the next ten minutes trying to unhook your flies from the net while also trying to untangle the fish. This happened to me multiple times when I owned a black mesh net and it isn't good for the fish. Trout are a delicate fish that can be severely injured if out of the water too long and tangled up too tight. With a Ghost net I have had some fish run from my ghost net however on many occasions the fish swim into the net not realizing what they have done. Once they are netted they don't struggle as much, most of the time the are relaxed which allows you to safely remove your flies. One of my favorite qualities of the Ghost net is how easy it is to remove your flies from it. The rubber that is used is very easy to deal with. Your flies never get caught and only take a moment to remove. The rubber mesh is also easy on a fish rarely scratching the them and returning them to the water as safely as possible. Check the nets out yourself at Brodin Landing Nets and see how great they truly are.
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