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How to tie a Prince Nymph
April 25, 2011

The Prince Nymph is one of my favorite flies for the Gunnison Valley. This is a great pattern all season long, when I can't figure out exactly what they are eating I throw one of two nymphs; a Pheasant Tail or a Prince Nymph. If you want a couple of examples stop by the shop and checkout our selection.

Hook size 10-18
Goose biot: green/brown for tail, white for wings
Peacock Herl for abdomen and thorax
Small copper wire for ribbing
Brown or Grizzly Hackle
Black Thread 6/0


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How to Tie a San Juan Worm
April 12, 2011

The San Juan worm is one of the easiest flies to tie. Follow along with Chris to learn how to tie one yourself.

How to Tie a San Juan Worm from Chris Eaton on Vimeo.

San Juan worms are a great early season fly. They are great in off color water and during heavy rains. It is one of the most basic flies out there. It is also one of my x-factor flies. When nothing else is working I like to throw one on and see what happens. A lot of times you will get strikes while stripping them in or swinging them. One of my favorite San Juan Worm techniques is to find a super deep drop-off that is normally hard to fish, throw on lots of weight, extend my leader, and see if there is anything waiting down deep just below the drop-off.

Ingredients you need:
micro chenille: red, pink(bubble gum), orange, and brown
Hook: anything size 10-16
Thread: 6/0 red
A Lighter to burn the ends of the chenille to make sure it doesn’t fray
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The East River is Hot!
April 4, 2011

You want spring fishing? Come to Dragonfly Anglers.

Check out this photo from a recent trip with Rod on the East River. The river was in perfect shape and the fish were eating.

Yes, you should be freaking out right now – this monster and several others like it were all caught on dry flies! Dry Flies!!!

Midge patterns were the order of the day. I am sure that you could have picked up plenty of fish nymphing, but why would you when you could be landing a beautiful bruiser of a brown trout on a dry fly?

Call the shop for information on booking a trip. The return of wintery weather in the valley means that the water is going to stay low and fishable just that much longer. Get out there and wet a line!!
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How To Use Your Whip Finish Tool
April 4, 2011

How to Use Your Whip Finish Tool from Chris Eaton on Vimeo.

Ever wonder how to use the Whip Finish tool. While here is your chance to find out. Chris demonstrates this important technique that is used to finish tying your thread off on a fly. Stay tuned in Our Weekly Ties and How To pages for more updates on flies to tie, tips, and helpful techniques. If there is something that you would like to see email and we will get a video up.
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