Current Weather: 9.0 | Fair

Information & Conditions: Gunnison River

Updated 7/31/17

Status: Good to Go!

Current Conditions: River flows as of August 1, 2017
1080 cfs at Gunnison

Detailed Description:

The Gunnison is carrying great water levels as we enter into August 2017.
Nymph fishing is most productive with spotty dry fly activity. Fish the dry dropper and have a good selection of Droppers!

Chubby Chernobyl 8,10,12 Elk Hair Caddis 14,16 (evening). NYMPHS: Two Bit Hooker (blk) 16, (Brown) 16. Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail 14,16. Tung. Rainbow warrior 16,18. Wilcox Little Green Machine 16, 18 Chrt & PT. Psycho Prince 18 (purple)