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Float Trips

Upper Gunnison River (Almont to Blue Mesa)


1 OR 2 Anglers      1/2 day   $525.00

1 OR 2 Anglers     Full Day   $625.00


Lower Gunnison (Gunnison Forks to Austin)

Full Day $675.00      Float this section of the lower Gunnison, beginning at the confluence of the Gunnison River and the North Fork of the Gunnison. (Pleasure Park). This float is dependent on water conditions. Please check with the shop for availability-800-491-3079!

Float Fishing

Float fishing takes place on the Gunnison River between the town of Almont, CO and Blue Mesa reservoir, and it is a wonderful way to enjoy a day on the water. There is approximately 22 miles of floatable water.

Dragonfly Anglers' guides are experienced oarsman. Many of our guides have both rafts and drift boats and can choose which will be best for the current water conditions. All of our boats are set up with fishing frames to maximize your effectiveness on the water. The guides will put you in position to cast to the holding areas of the trout as you move along the current.

There are a handful of launch sites to start your trip. The guide will choose the launch site based on what section of water he/she feels is fishing most productively at the time of your trip. The guide will communicate with you before the trip, usually no later than the night before your launch. You will be advised on where and when to meet your guide on the trip date. The shop employees can give directions and maps to assure you meet the guide at the correct launch site. This trip will usually require you to have your own form of transportation, as the guide will drop his boat off at the launch site and will be waiting for your arrival. The guide will have shuttled his trailer to your planned take-out at the end of your trip. The guide will provide transportation back to your vehicle after the trip has ended and he/she has transported the boat via trailer.

The guide will bring a wide array of fly patterns for your trip. The variety will cover the always changing conditions of the river, hatches etc. At the end of your trip, the guide will inform the shop of how many flies were used on the trip. This will be added to your amount due for the trip.

Public water locations will allow for the anglers to get out of the boat and fish from the river bank. Our private lease on the Gunnison River allows for Dragonfly Angler guides to stop and set up a wonderful lunch spread on all full day float trips. Colorado law allows for our floats to navigate through private water sections by floating through without touching the river bottom. The beauty of the River can be seen extensively during a day of floating!

Please remember to have a valid fishing license with you before you show up at the launch site on the day of your trip. You are welcome to come into the shop the night before or the morning of the trip to obtain your license or save time by going to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website and buy your license online!  Also, the shop does provide waders and boots, which can be fitted the night before or the morning of your trip. The guide will have rods and reels ready to go if you are in need of that equipment. Although we highly advocate teaching the sport of Fly Fishing, please let us know ahead of time if anyone in your party would like to fish with a spinning rod.

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