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Spring fishing is heating up!!

March 16, 2013

Temperatures in the Gunnison Valley have been through the roof for the last week or so and the ice is breaking up and fishable water is appearing everywhere. Dragonfly has spent time on the East and Gunnison Rivers in the last couple of days and the fishing has been very very good. Look for the fishing to be the best during the warmest part of the day, keep an eye on the insect activity and don't be afraid to change flies. The fish are there and they are ready to bite you just need to find the correct depth and a fly they find appetizing. If you are looking to get out on the water and need some advice, some flies or are interested in taking a trip give us a call at 970-349-1228 or swing by the shop!
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Fall Trip into the Gunnison Gorge!!!

September 14, 2012
The Gunnison Gorge Conservation Area is a unique part of the Gunnison River directly downstream of Black Canyon National Park near Hotchkiss Colorado.   This area is remote and can be accessed on a number of trails leading from the Canyon rim to the river bottom.  On September 11th Dragonfly guides and clients took a two day one night self supported trip into the Ute Park area.  This high desert environment is contrasted by the lush canyon bottom of the Gunnison River and produces some great rainbow and brown trout fishing.  Our recent trip was highlighted with several nice rainbows and browns like the one seen above.  On the day of our scheduled trip mother nature decided to throw us a curve ball and produced rain and storms for better part of half of the trip.  Our clients were tough and fished through the weather and saw some great fish!  The clouds helped us a lot with the fish staying active as long as the clouds were hanging around.  The fishing in the Canyon is excellent and makes for a great Fall adventure!!!
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Guided Flyfishing is On Fire!!!!

June 21, 2012
       Wow, I have herd several terms- insane, sick, and redonkulous(rediculous) to describe the fishing over the past week in the Gunnison Valley.  The fishing over the entire drainage is spectacular. 
       The Drakes have been heavy on the Gunnison, East, and the Taylor rivers.  The hatch on the Gunnison has been from around 11am.-2pm.   I have seen drakes as well as caddis, pmd's, and yellow sallies at similar times on the East and the Taylor.  The backcountry has also been fishing off the hook!  Fish have been very active all throughout the day with the slowest fishing during the hottest times of the day.
       Water levels are at perfect levels for float and walk trips right now and should maintain these levels for the next month.  Call our shop 1-970-349-1228 for trip availability and to book your favorite guide!!
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Looking for the stoneflies in the Gorge!!!

May 23, 2012
As a very early runoff has come and gone, flows in the Gunnison Gorge are 386cfs as the water is low and clear making for some great wade fishing in the Gorge.  Reports of good action on caddis in the early morning and late evening as well as consistent fishing during the day on large stone patterns.  The epic hatch of big dries is just around the corner!!!  We are excited to offer very productive full day guided trips into the Gunnison Gorge to catch some of this great fishing late May and early June!!!  Call the shop for info...970-349-1228 
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Spring Fishing Yields wonderful results!

May 15, 2012
Fishing in the Gunnison Valley is HOT! Normally we are armpit deep in brown unfishable water this time of year, but thanks to a below average snow year, runoff is done and the fish are eating. We are already floating everyday and have had great success on all the local rivers. If you haven't booked an early season trip with Dragonly yet you should do so now. Check out this beauty, caught 5/02/12!
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Gunnison Valley Fishing Report for June 23rd

June 23, 2011
Holy High Water Batman!!

All of us trout bums are getting antsy - when is the water going to drop?!

We here at Dragonfly are expecting the Upper Gunnison to hit floatable levels sometime in the first week of July. Once the floating starts it is going to be on fire. Book your trips NOW!

As for the rest of the valley, there is definitely some fishable water to be found. For those willing to brave slightly high water and treacherous wading conditions the Taylor is fishing well. It is running about 400 cfs out of the damn and is clear as a bell all the way to Almont. It is high and fast so be careful! Fish with big stonfly imitaions and make sure that you are getting to the fish, that fast water makes it harder for your nymphs to sink. Check out our fly-tying video for the Modified 20 Incher, this fly is perfect for the current conditions on the Taylor

If you are willing to travel a bit there are two other options: the first is Cochetopa Creek. It is a bit of a trek, but has been fishing very well with both nymphs and dry flies. If you are looking for a small water experience this should be your goto spot, the Cochetopa is running at 25 cfs.

The second option is the Gunnison Gorge. Check out the photo above of Joe Weise with  big Gunnison Gorge Brown Trout! This is big water - but for those of you who have seen The Hatch by FeltSoul Media you know why we all make a yearly trip to the Gorge. The pteronarcys hatch is just getting underway. That's right, enormous stoneflies trying to crawl in your nose, ears and anywhere else they can while you crush huge trout on size 4 dry flies. The hatch is currently in Pleasure Park and just at the bottom of Ute Canyon. Call the shop for up to the minute details.

Just remember people the water is HIGH!! BE CAREFUL!! For those of you who might be a bit unsteady in the river, or who are just starting out swing by the shop and check out our selection of wading staffs. A wading staff could be the difference between an incredible day on the water and a cold soggy drive home. Stay safe people.
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