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February Blog: R-E-L-A-X and go fishing!

February 8, 2015
There is a lot of talk right now from Crested Butte locals and visitors alike about the lack of snow and a winter that has been disappointing so far. As someone who has been out on a daily basis enjoying the skiing and the fishing, I am here to do my best Aaron Rogers impression and let everybody know that we will be OK.

At the resort, patrol has done a great job managing the terrain and there is good snow to be had in the extremes. Luckily there is a fair amount of skiers and riders who don’t ski if it is not a powder day so finding decent un-skied lines is quite easy and we have also enjoyed a lot of 2-4 inch snowfalls which have skied very well.

On the water, slightly above average temperatures have allowed water to open up on the East, Taylor and Gunnison Rivers and sunny days in the 40s make for great opportunities to enjoy fishing in the dead of winter. Not to mention that where open water is found, fish are stacked in and in a lot of cases happy to see anything that looks like food floating by. Action on the rivers right now resembles the great early season fishing that we usually don’t see until the end of March and April.

Whether you live here or are looking to visit Crested Butte this winter, do not be discouraged by the year-to-date snowfall or the 38” base depth at the mountain, those are just numbers. The latest snowpack report is out and we are still above 80% of normal snowpack while places in California and Washington are below 25%. According to Cara McCarthy of the National Water and Climate Center, “Right now, snowpack and stream flow forecasts look pretty close to normal for much of the West”.  In case you are stilled worried, our snowiest months are still in front of us. Get out there and enjoy what we have and don’t worry about what we don’t.

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Written by Zach Kinler
Photo by Josh Bollish
Posted by Zach Kinler
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