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Everyone Should Get a Brodin Ghost Net

June 23, 2010
Brodin Ghost nets have been out on the market for a bit but I feel as though it is time to explain why they are so great to have. The Brodin Ghost net as you can see in the picture above has a clear rubber mesh netting that looks really cool. However, looks aren't everything. The clear rubber mesh is is the best possible piece of fishing equipment for the fish you catch. Have you ever tried to net fish with a black net? It isn't easy! As soon as the fish sees black in the water they swim as fast as they can. Once you get them into the black net they never stop trying to escape, they tangle themselves up in you line while also catching your flies on the net. You then spend the next ten minutes trying to unhook your flies from the net while also trying to untangle the fish. This happened to me multiple times when I owned a black mesh net and it isn't good for the fish. Trout are a delicate fish that can be severely injured if out of the water too long and tangled up too tight. With a Ghost net I have had some fish run from my ghost net however on many occasions the fish swim into the net not realizing what they have done. Once they are netted they don't struggle as much, most of the time the are relaxed which allows you to safely remove your flies. One of my favorite qualities of the Ghost net is how easy it is to remove your flies from it. The rubber that is used is very easy to deal with. Your flies never get caught and only take a moment to remove. The rubber mesh is also easy on a fish rarely scratching the them and returning them to the water as safely as possible. Check the nets out yourself at Brodin Landing Nets and see how great they truly are.
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Some Good Fishing During the Salmon Fly Hatch

June 22, 2010
The Salmon Flies have infested the Black Canyon again. Throughout June the Giant Stoneflys hatch in unbelievable numbers to create one of the most impressive bug hatches around. The Gunnison River started a little murky in the beginning of June and has continually cleared throughout the month. With the clearer water the fish have been targeting the Salmon Flies on the surface. The shop has sent multiple trips into the canyon to fish this hatch. For current updates on the hatch give the shop a call at (970) 349 1228.

Learn to be a Self Sufficent Fly Fisher

June 5, 2010
Join veteran guide Kristi Miller the weekend of June 12th and 13th to learn all the essentials of Fly Fishing. Kristi specializes in teaching the fundamentals of fly fishing to beginner anglers. Her classes cover everything from casting to what bugs to look for on the water. One of her favorite classes to teach is for women only. Check out more about Kristi in our guide bio's. If you are interested in taking the class call our shop at (970) 349 1228 to get on the list. If the weekend of the 12th and 13th does not work for you gives us a call and we can arrange another date that may work.
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