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Gunnison Valley Fishing Report for June 23rd

June 23, 2011
Holy High Water Batman!!

All of us trout bums are getting antsy - when is the water going to drop?!

We here at Dragonfly are expecting the Upper Gunnison to hit floatable levels sometime in the first week of July. Once the floating starts it is going to be on fire. Book your trips NOW!

As for the rest of the valley, there is definitely some fishable water to be found. For those willing to brave slightly high water and treacherous wading conditions the Taylor is fishing well. It is running about 400 cfs out of the damn and is clear as a bell all the way to Almont. It is high and fast so be careful! Fish with big stonfly imitaions and make sure that you are getting to the fish, that fast water makes it harder for your nymphs to sink. Check out our fly-tying video for the Modified 20 Incher, this fly is perfect for the current conditions on the Taylor

If you are willing to travel a bit there are two other options: the first is Cochetopa Creek. It is a bit of a trek, but has been fishing very well with both nymphs and dry flies. If you are looking for a small water experience this should be your goto spot, the Cochetopa is running at 25 cfs.

The second option is the Gunnison Gorge. Check out the photo above of Joe Weise with  big Gunnison Gorge Brown Trout! This is big water - but for those of you who have seen The Hatch by FeltSoul Media you know why we all make a yearly trip to the Gorge. The pteronarcys hatch is just getting underway. That's right, enormous stoneflies trying to crawl in your nose, ears and anywhere else they can while you crush huge trout on size 4 dry flies. The hatch is currently in Pleasure Park and just at the bottom of Ute Canyon. Call the shop for up to the minute details.

Just remember people the water is HIGH!! BE CAREFUL!! For those of you who might be a bit unsteady in the river, or who are just starting out swing by the shop and check out our selection of wading staffs. A wading staff could be the difference between an incredible day on the water and a cold soggy drive home. Stay safe people.
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Simms Pursuit Wet Wading Shoe

June 10, 2011
Summer time is right around the corner. It should really be here by now, but since it isn't you still have time to head into Dragonfly and pick up a pair of Simms Pursuit Wading Shoes. If, like me, you love to wet wade in the summer time and don't feel like trucking around in your heavy, marginally comfortable wading boots then the Pursuit Wading Shoe is for you. With Vibram soles the Pursuit is just as effective in the river as out on the boat or hiking the trail. Check out this video of George Cook breaking it down.
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Waterworks-Lamson Litespeed Reels

June 6, 2011
I have been fishing with a Lamson Litespeed for 4 or 5 years now and it is easily my favorite reel to fish with. I use the Litespeed 2 on my 6 weight Scott E2 and the combo is incredible. The Litespeed is super light and balances very well with the light E2. The large arbor design picks up line incredibly fast letting you get to the reel quicker and giving you a better chance at landing those bigger fish.

The thing that I like the most about the Litespeed, besides the awesome design and hard alox finish is the sealed drag. All Lamson Reels come with the same sealed drag and it is sweet. One of their coolest sales tools is a fish bowl filled with sand: pop any Lamson reel in the fish bowl, bury it, get it as sandy as you can, then take it back out and dang if that reel isn't as smooth as ever! The downside of the sealed drag is that during those rare times when you have to take your reel apart it can be tough, especially with cold fingers. Lamson made a video explaining how to take the reel apart and change the direction of the retrieve  - check it out.

Through all my experiences the drag has been incredibly smooth and plenty strong and athough I haven't had the pleasure of testing the strength of the drag against a bonefish or some other reel screeching fish I have landed plenty of large trout, a couple of decent stiped bass, a steelhead or two and even a big chinook. If you haven't checked out the Lamson Litespeed Fly Reel I definitely suggest that you give it a look. It is a stylish reel with a durable finish and a great drag, it is the total package. If you are interested in the Litespeed or any other Lamson product give us a call at (800) 491-3079 or shoot us an email at

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How to tie a Woolly Bugger

June 1, 2011
Mike shows how to tie a Woolly Bugger. The Woolly Bugger is possibly the best streamer for the Gunnison Valley. Early season when the river is still just a bit off color a double bugger is just deadly. My favorite colors are brown, olive and black. When throwing a double bugger the white black combo shouldn't be overlooked.Ingredients:

Hook size: 4-10
Tail: maribou (any color you feel like) and flashibou
Rib: copper wire
Body: Chenille (any color you want) typically medium or large
Saddle Hackle
Thread: match to the fly color 6/0-3/0
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Ross Reels F1

June 1, 2011
Ross Reels has added a new reel to their already impressive line up. This year they have added the F1. The F1 is their new top of the line reel, and it comes in sizes 1 through 4 and will match well with 2 weight to 9 weight rods. The drag is made from carbon fiber and stainless steel and will perform in all conditions. The reels are fully machined, one piece for the frame and one piece for the spool and they look awesome. I mean really awesome, to the stylish machining they added a carbon fiber button that is used to remove the spool, and the carbon fiber weave adds that little bit of bling that makes it look extra sweet.

Check out this video of Brad Befus breaking down the F1.
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