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September 18, 2013
Having been a guide in both the skiing and fishing businesses for many seasons, every new day makes me realize that I truly haven't seen it all.  I love the question in the summer time, “So how many days do you work a week?” My response is usually around nine or so.

For us, it's all about making our clients happy and making sure they have an awesome day on the water.  Many guides have clients that have been fishing with them for forever and make it a point to come back to the same time, same place every summer.  It's also exciting to have people who show up having never held a fly rod.  This diversity is what makes me get up every morning with the same enthusiasm and mindset like it is the first day of the season because for most of our clients, it is their first day of fishing for the season.

Now that it's mid September, I finally have some time to reflect on the last hundred or so days of guiding.  I am truly blessed to say that each day was unique in its own way.  I've had everything from the granddad and grandson who wanted to throw lures all day (I think we put 60 in the net that day) to the crew of 12 beginners on the first day who at least felt like experts after their three days of float fishing. Of course, you can't forget the clients that show up for the eighth year-in-a-row holding that new Sage One and Able reel (probably sold to them by the one and only Pedro).  With these guys, it's a hug when you see them instead of a handshake, which is a nice change of pace.  Anyways, with all this said, it’s the relationships we make with everyone who comes to fish with us that keeps us in this business. So to all you clients out there, thanks and we hope to see you again next summer, same time, same place.
Posted by Brandon Snyder
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