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Last spring, Rod and I were introduced to Tenkara fly fishing while at a Patagonia Fish Camp on the Fall River outside of Ashton, Idaho. Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia, gave a clinic on the tackle and techniques involved, and then we all spent some time on the water with him. Since then, Chouinard and friends have published a book, ""Simple Fly Fishing,"" dedicated to the subject, and interest in this technique has grown rapidly. I had to try it.

Tenkara fly fishing is a simplified version of Western fly fishing. This equipment has been used by commercial anglers in Japan for centuries. The telescoping rods have no reel, and the short fly line is attached directly to the tip of the rod. The rods are long in length, ranging from around 10 to 14 feet in length, and are very, very light in weight. The basic idea is that you use the length and light tip of the rod to present and swim the fly in a more natural way than possible with Western gear. The fly selection is also greatly simplified, with many traditional Tenkara anglers carrying only three or four fly patterns. Rather than changing flies, the Tenkara angler will employ different drift techniques to make the fly imitate the natural behavior in the water. It makes sense to me.

Setting up and casting these rods is very simple. You will attach the line using a loop to loop connection (provided) tie on a few feet of tippet, and attach your fly. You then extend the rod to its full length, and cast the fly. That's it. Sure, you can make it more involved than this, but really, it's not necessary. We have found that it takes less time to get rigged up than it takes to explain how to do it.

So after some time researching, and messing around with Tenkara this winter, we got all fired up about the technique. It will never take the place of our Western gear, but offers a unique change of pace. There are many angling opportunities for Tenkara here in Gunnison county, from small high-mountain streams and beaver ponds to the bigger water like the Taylor, Gunnison, etc. This also a great way to get new fly anglers and kids into the sport...the gear is very simple and quite inexpensive compared to Western fly tackle. Also, the light weight and simplicity of the gear makes it perfect for day hiking or backpacking.

We have chosen Tenkara USA as our supplier of Tenkara gear. They offer a good selection of rods to suit any fishing conditions around here, are very nicely made, and offer great customer service. We are currently featuring four models from Tenkara USA:

Rhodo 8'10""-10'6"" adjustable  $215.00- OUT OF STOCK

Sato 10'8""-12'9"" adjustable  $215.00- OUT OF STOCK

Iwana 12'  $157.00

Amago 13'6"" $169.00- OUT OF STOCK

We also have tapered lines, level lines, and a very concise but cool selection of traditional Tenkara flies that are beautifully tied. In addition, we’re using our favorite Western-style flies with Tenkara rods successfully!

This ""new"" yet ancient technique is quite a departure for us, and we are really excited to be bringing it to you. Feel free to contact us for any more information, and look forward to more information (rod reviews, tackle recommendations, photos, etc.) in the near future.

Review from: Peter Hylander, Dragonfly Anglers

Price: $157.00
Size: Iwana 12'
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