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Fly Assortments


Fly Assortments: Tailwater Fly Assortment

This combination of mysis shrimp and midge larva imitations will give you the best chance at hooking a Taylor River trophy as well as any fish in the major Colorado Tailwaters. It includes the traditional mysis pattern and new mysis patterns. It also includes an assortment of the midge patterns that are working for us. With this assortment you get a free Dragonfly Anglers Logo Box (a $9.99 value). This assortment includes: -6 assorted mysis patterns -6 productive midge imitations!

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Price: $32.99-$82.99
Styles: 18 flies ($47.99)
36 flies ($82.99)
12 flies ($32.99)
24 flies ($62.99)
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