Peter Hylander


Peter has been in the fly fishing business since 1976. He moved back to Crested Butte with his wife and fishing partner, Mo, 15 years ago, after having spent 20 years in the Northwest. Now back at “home,” he specializes in super lightweight trout fishing, preferring to hit smaller streams and creeks with the dry fly. Peter’s other fishing passion is on the other end of the fly fishing spectrum, Blue Water fly fishing. He has spent the last twenty five years chasing Billfish, Dorado, Roosterfish, etc., up and down places like the Baja coast, Costa Rica, the Yucatan Peninsula, and Panama. His innovative saltwater fly patterns have been featured in “Tube Flies,” “Tube Flies Two…Evolution,” and “Flyfishing in Saltwaters” magazine, among other publications. During his career, Peter has guided, taught fly fishing and fly casting, developed fly fishing schools, built fly shops, and worked as a Group Host for Fishabout’s international fly fishing trips. Now beginning his 16th year at Dragonfly Anglers, Peter invites you to visit him in the shop to take advantage of this wealth of fly fishing knowledge.