Rob Childerston

Hometown: Golden, CO

Guide Experience: Rob Childerston (Chili) has been Guiding in the Gunnison and Arkansas Valley’s along with Gunnison Gorge Wilderness since 2008.

Fishing Experience: My earliest childhood memories were fishing and camping adventures with my grandpa and dad. I Started fly-fishing and tying flies around 8 or 9. I’m experienced enough to know there is something to learn from everyone, and to never let one’s ego get in the way of having a good time!

Hobbies: Continuing the pursuit of being an artist, I enjoy painting, playing the guitar, pursuing elk in the fall, camping and spending time in nature with my beautiful wife Molly and our two dogs. I’m passionate about having fun with good people!

Favorite things about guiding: Spending time in nature in amazing places. Seeing little kids and adults catch their first fish, or first fish on a fly-rod. Watching repeat clientele over the years become better anglers and less tanglers, as we develop lifelong friendships!